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Maine's Changing Economy

2023 has proven to be a very active year as more business owners consider selling their companies.

While many buyers are successful entrepreneurs and first-time business owners, our office has also seen a considerable increase in inquiries from "family offices" and "holding companies". These outfits tend to be cash buyers who understand how to read financial statements. Maine is quickly becoming a preferred market for these operations. Below is a quick explanation of who they are and how they operate. -


What is a family office and a holding company?

A family office is a private wealth management firm that provides services to a single family or a small group of families. These services can include investment management, financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, and risk management. Family offices typically manage assets of $100 million or more.

A holding company is a company that owns shares of other companies. Holding companies are often used to manage a group of related businesses, or to provide tax benefits for the owners of the businesses. Holding companies can also be used to protect the assets of the owners from liability.

Why do family offices and holding companies buy businesses?

Family offices and holding companies buy businesses for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons include:

  • To diversify their investments.
  • To gain control of a particular industry or market.
  • To acquire a business that is complementary to their existing businesses.
  • To provide a legacy for the family.
  • To protect the assets of the family from liability.

How do family offices and holding companies benefit Maine businesses?

Family offices and holding companies can benefit Maine businesses in a number of ways. They can:

  • Provide capital for growth.
  • Bring new expertise and resources to the business.
  • Open up new markets for the business.
  • Help the business to achieve its strategic goals.
  • Provide a stable ownership structure for the business.

Examples of family offices and holding companies that buy businesses

There are many examples of family offices and holding companies that buy businesses. Some notable examples include:

  • The Blackstone Group
  • The Carlyle Group
  • The Koch Industries
  • The Walton Family Holdings
  • The Mars Family Enterprises

These companies have a long history of buying and investing in businesses, and they have a proven track record of success. They can be a valuable resource for Maine businesses that are looking for growth capital or strategic partners.


Family offices and holding companies can play an important role in the economy of Maine. They can provide capital, expertise, and resources to Maine businesses, which can help to create jobs and grow the economy. As the state continues to grow and attract businesses, it is likely that we will see more family offices and holding companies investing in Maine in the years to come.