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  Don't Leave Millions on the Table: How to Sell Your Maine Business


I know, I know… But it’s true!

I don’t blame you for the skepticism but I really do have money for you... just as long as (YUP, HERE IT COMES), you answer the following questions with a ‘YES’.

Question 1. Are you a Maine small business owner?

Question 2. Are you nearing retirement age or thinking about selling your business?

Question 3. Is your business profitable?

There’s a title wave of content on our screens that sound something like, ‘Here’s the one secret small business owners use to create lasting wealth!’ And then you are asked to ‘Like and Follow’ for the details. There are no secrets in this post, I’m not asking you to like me or follow me. All I’m asking is, please listen to me.

You deserve to realize the full and true value of your business with the understanding that not every business owner does. The difference between you getting everything you can from your exit may very well be what you read here. Every year in Maine millions of dollars are left on the table by business owners who don’t understand how to sell their businesses. You gave everything to your business, we know this because you answered YES to the questions above and you’re still reading. Now it’s time for your business to give everything back to you. You can get that for yourself and your loved ones by following these simple steps.

Step 1. Decide that you want the most money you can get for your business. This is the big one and that’s why I listed it first. Surprisingly, a disproportionate number people either don’t think their business has value, think the value of their business is limited to the sale price of real estate it sits on, or find listing a business for sale as far too complicated to tackle. At Transworld, we have a way for you to understand the true value of your business in the marketplace, and that is…

Step 2. Have a professional Business Valuation performed on your business. What this does is provide you with a benchmark, an informed understanding where one didn’t exist before, ammunition, so to speak. A valuation is the most potent tool in the toolbox of the business seller. Most of us drive every day. Your car has a display that tells you everything you need to know to get you where you’re going. Your business is no different. No sane person gets in their car and heads out on the highway without an instrument cluster telling them about the health of their vehicle. How fast am I going? How much fuel do I have left? Is the engine healthy? And maybe most importantly, when will I arrive at my destination?

Step 3. Hire Professional Business Brokers. Business Brokers market your business and get you the maximum amount you can expect from a sale, that’s our job. . And here’s the self serving part of this post. I am a Business Broker. I am trying to get you to list your business with us. Of course, I have some pretty compelling reasons why you should. Transworld Business Advisors is the national leader in bringing together buyers and sellers and we do it with a hyper local approach. Not only are we supported by a world class infrastructure, we’re also real life Mainers who live, work and support our local communities. At Transworld Business Advisors of Maine we have a track record of success and the experience to help you realize the top dollar amount you could expect for your business.

There’s another secret I’m giving away. We want your business. In reality, the daunting prospect of dealing with the marketing and identification of the person who will take over for you and carry forward what you’ve built is a challenge that many small business owners think of as 'just too much'. And they’re right to feel that way, incidentally. The service Business Brokers provide is highly specialized and requires a tremendous amount of skill, time, and energy, all while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. So much so that the average small business owner simply could not perform the job of running their business and selling it simultaneously.

You’d be shocked how many small business owners can answer the three questions I asked with ‘YES’ but still leave hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on the table and just fold up shop. It happens every day in Maine and it is a major contributing factor to the quality of life Maine small business owners after they move on from the businesses they’ve worked a lifetime, in many cases, building.

All I’m asking of you is to let us help you get everything that you deserve. Start right now by reaching out to me at the link below, emailing me at or by calling me at (207) 835-4482.


You’ve worked harder than anyone knows earning it, now let us help you collect it.




Seth Silverton

Senior Advisor

Transworld Business Advisors of Maine

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