Our Commitment to You
                                  2024 is the year to make it all happen     

As we begin 2024, we thought it would be very important to share with you some ways in which we can help you. Whether selling your business or looking to buy one, here’s a few reasons to consider a partnership with Transworld Business Advisors of Maine

Experience Counts

As a franchise of the world’s largest business brokerage and with over 40 years of experience, our office has know-how and experience to help you accomplish your goals. No matter if you are a small main street business, an international corporation, a first-time buyer or a savvy entrepreneur, we got the answers for you. Our reputation and a proven track record  are just some of the reasons why more buyers and sellers work with Transworld than any other business brokerage.


Seller-focused Services

Accurate Pricing

In times of economic uncertainty like these, the value of a business changes regularly. While some businesses’ value can be estimated using multiples of earnings or revenue, investors and buyers are sophisticated and require comprehensive analysis. Don’t make the mistake of “testing the market” without a conducting a comprehensive analysis of your company’s value. Pricing a business too low can result in owners being very disappointed by the results. However, pricing one too high make it impossible to sell as well. Interest rates and constantly changing economic conditions impact the value of businesses-for-sale.

Our office provides detailed reports, which explain the recommended pricing, as well as Financing Models and Illustrative Term Sheets to ensure that sellers, buyers, and investors alike can rely upon. We also partner with national lenders to provide an SBA pre-approval letter for our listings.


Too many business brokers try to do it all and that is a mistake. Just like when buying a home, brokers need to develop and maintain strong working relationships with other agencies to properly market their opportunities. More and more buyers are working with brokers as they search for the right opportunity. For sellers, working with an agency which partners with others is a very effective strategy to getting your business sold. This is part of the foundation of our TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) philosophy.

More Qualified Buyers

We carefully evaluate each inquiry for your listing to ensure that they are a qualified and capable buyer. Not only does this save time, but it also protects your confidentiality. Non-Disclosure Agreement, Comprehensive Buyer profiles and Discovery Calls are just a few of the ways that we work to market your business discretely and effectively.

Buyer-focused Services

More Listings to Choose From

We work hard to identify, evaluate and market successful Maine businesses for your review and consideration. This is why we are able to offer such a wide selection of businesses-for-sale. Not only do we do have more businesses to choose from, we also make sure they’re priced right. No more going to your lender only to realize that a business cannot receive a loan.

Customized Searches

If we don’t have what you like, we can probably find it for you. For qualified buyers, our team will conduct an outreach campaign and find the right business for you in the right location and at the right price. Put us to work to help you find your next incredible opportunity.


One More Thing!................................................Our Local and Dedicated Team

We get Maine. We get how wonderful it is to live here, as well as all of the unique challenges which that also presents. Our brokers live and work right here in Maine and are active members of our respective communities.

Why is this important? Because knowing the challenges and opportunities which both come with doing business in the greatest state in the Union helps us work more effectively for you. Local know-how combined with international reach is part of what sets us apart.

We’d love to have the chance to show you what a difference this makes.

Perhaps 2024 is the year we make it all happen? I hope so!

Written by Justin Cotta Holmes, Transworld Business Advisors of Maine    Find other articles here    TBA Blog